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Natural Sea Sponges

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Natural Sea Sponges make your bathing experience so much more luxurious.

Gentle on the skin they are wonderful for cleansing your body and face, for removing make-up and for bathing babies.

Sea sponges are great to use with the big block of Sabun soap  - just wet the sponge and rub on to the soap block to get a nice lather and then rub onto your skin - so soft and gentle!!

We have 2 sizes of Sea Sponge - the smaller sponges are caribbean silk sponges which are quite dense sponges - perfect for removing makeup. The medium are sea wool which are the most popular and softest of all sponges and great for bathing. 

All come from sustainable sea sponge farming.

To clean your sea sponge gently rinse it out and every so often put it out in the sunshine


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