eczema - what is the cause

Eczema - Learnings from my own eczema journey.

Eczema (atopic dermatitis) is a terrible condition which causes so much anguish among parents and children alike.



Eczema is believed to be genetic - an immune condition lying dormant just waiting for something in our lifestyle to trigger a flare up causing the itch and rash to appear. These triggers vary so much from person to person and where they appear on your body also seems to vary greatly.

I've suffered from eczema my entire life and am now 51 and still get flare ups from time to time.  I have learned to manage it by staying away from what I believe I'm sensitive to and by using products which help to soothe my skin.



Over the years Ive read a lot and tried many methods and various products to "cure" my eczema.

Here are a few important things I have learned:

Eczema is NOT curable unless you can find what is triggering the flare ups then it is manageable by removing those objects from your lifestyle.

It may be caused by chemicals, preservatives, perfumes, pollens, grasses, dust, food, and even humidity can trigger it.

It does however seem to improve with age for most people - and for many children symptoms improve by the age of 10.



Steroid creams are not a cure - they just help to contain the eczema, remove the itch, and heal the broken skin.

In my opinion there are many other ways to do this without having long term effects of the steroid creams on your skin such as thin wrinkled skin when you are older.

Natural balms and creams do a great job at healing and relieving the itch... as long as you are not allergic or intolerant to any of the ingredients. In my opinion less ingredients are best. 


Finding out what you are sensitive to and what makes you itch is usually through trial and error.

KEEP A DIARY  - Look at where you are itching or what you have been doing that day and think about it. have you been at the swimming pool ?- maybe it's the chlorine Are you itchy from your clothes? - maybe it's the detergent you are using? Or the fabric ? On your feet ? - think about pollens and grasses. Around your mouth - it may be what you are putting in your mouth ie food related. Think logically - and try to eliminate things if you suspect them and see if it improves.

Read my upcoming blog - TIPS for managing your eczema.




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