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Sabun Olive Oil Soap - 125gms

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  • Description

    This beautiful natural soap contains no palm oil, preservatives, perfumes or artificial ingredients just - saponified Olive oil and Bay Laurel oil ( a natural antibacterial).

    Sabun is not drying like other soaps and leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturised. It is recommended for those with sensitive skin and for eczema and psoriasis. It is completely safe for babies skin.It can be used for face, hair and all over the body. It can also be used for washing clothes as is very gentle.

    Sabun also known as Savon D'Alep originates from Aleppo, Syria. It is widely considered to be the first olive oil (castile) soap ever made. It has been used in the Hammams (traditional bath-houses) for centuries as the soap of choice. ( see the sabun story)

  • Details

    Ingredients: Saponified Olive Oil ( Sodium Olivate), Bay Laurel Oil, water, salt.

    Weight - approx 125-130gms (Please note -Because the soap is handmade each soap weight is slightly different)

    Now Made in Turkey by a Syrian refugee soap master. Please note this is the same recipe as our old eczema rescue soap.


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Maxine H.
New Zealand New Zealand

Sabin soap

Best soap ever, wouldn't use anything else

Jacquie M.
New Zealand New Zealand

Significantly improved eczema

I’m not overly fond of the scent and look of the product but after only using this on my hands, after a week the dermatitis on my fingers has all but disappeared and I am able to enjoy wearing rings on my fingers again. Any time I’m out and have to use normal hand wash I have noticed how dry my hands feel afterwards compared to this product which is very moisturising and doesn’t interfere with the skins moisture barrier. I assumed people with eczema shouldn’t use soap at all but this product has opened my eyes. If only there was a nicer scent available and would be good if it came in individual use sizes like other brands that offer travel soap tins.

Rachida R.
New Zealand New Zealand

Best soap

I have been using Sabun soap for more than 10 years now , my husband use it to wash his head and helped him a lot with his dry scalp, you should now also that Sabun is great stain remover and great for soaking white clothing. Thank you very much Sabun company.

Lorraine D.
New Zealand New Zealand

Sabun Olive Oil Soap the story behind it and the fact that its natural !!!

Gail M.
New Zealand New Zealand

New size Sabun

Wonderful as with the larger previous bars. Total supporter . Go well.

Carolyn D.
New Zealand New Zealand

Great for eczema prone skin

Bought this for my husband who was suffering from eczema and dermatitis. His skin has improved dramatically. Thank you

Gwen M.
New Zealand New Zealand

Great Soap!

I have very sensitive skin, and I use this regularly, and appreciate it very much.

Brenda W.
New Zealand New Zealand

Sabin olive oil soap

Excellent service.And I love this product. So pleased I can buy it on line.

Charlotte N.
New Zealand New Zealand

Best Soap

Excellent - first soap that has really helped my daughter KP. Have recommended it to everyone I know

Denise A.
New Zealand New Zealand

Lovely soap

Great mild soap. Doesn't dry out skin, even when used on face. Took a while for me to get used to the woody smell, but now I quite like it. Would recommend to anyone after a no-nonsense, reliable, non-irritant soap.

Jane G.
New Zealand New Zealand

Soap of choice

We always use this soap now. It's great for sensitive skin and excellent for washing hair. Lasts really well too.

Mark S.
New Zealand New Zealand

Excellent product

I have been using Sabun soap for several years and after my local supplier shut down I was pleased to be able to buy online.

Jo B.
New Zealand New Zealand

Best soap ever

I’ve got cancer and avoid all perfumes and poisons in most cosmetics . This soap is pure and so lovely to use. Great value too as the bars are twice the size of other soap bars . Leaves my skin feeling so soft . Love it

Ali H.
New Zealand New Zealand

Great product

Simple to order, great product.

Maja L.
New Zealand New Zealand

Beautiful nourishing soap

Just love this soap. I purchased it as I’m removing chemicals from my day to day life. This soap has no nasties and feels wonderfully nourishing on the body and face.

Rochelle B.
New Zealand New Zealand


Great product, lovely experience, making a difference to softness of my skin.

Sabun Frequently Asked Questions

What is natural soap? Is Sabun Natural?

Sabun is a natural soap  - Natural soaps do not contain any artificial ingredients, harmful chemicals or perfumes. Many soaps contain synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colours , emulsifiers and other ingredients – some of which many people are allergic to such as Tetrasodium EDTA, DEA, BHT, formaldehyde, and lanolin which are known skin irritants.

Many commercial soaps are made from animal tallow or fats – look for the ingredient sodium tallowate on the label. Animal fats block the skins pores.

Sabun is not made from any animal fats but just olive and laurel oils - it contains 80% olive oil which serves as a natural humectant for the skin - helping the skin to retain its moisture and olive oil doesn’t block the skins - it lets it breathe.

Is sabun ok to use on eczema?

Sabun has proven to be good for those people who have eczema due to allergies to certain chemicals which they are putting on their skin by using commercial soaps, moisturizers and other cosmetics. The above chemicals are common in many cosmetics and soaps.

Since Sabun has no synthetic ingredients - unless you are allergic to olive oil or laurel oil - then it should be very soothing on the skin.

The olive oil also serves as a good relief to exceptionally dry skin as it helps the skin maintain its natural moisture.

Why is olive oil good for your skin?

Olive oil has some unique characteristics that make it not only a great medium for a soap base but it is full of beneficial factors that your skin needs. The human skin has the ability to draw in what it needs in the amount it needs and reject what it is sufficiently supplied with. 

The natural properties of olive oil used in sabun also acts as a natural protector of the skin, helping to shield it from the harmful rays of the sun and some of the toxins and pollutants in the air that can damage it.

Can I wash my face and hair with sabun?

Yes - sabun is very gentle on the face and is great for removing make up. It is also very good on the hair and has proven to be excellent for people with dandruff. It has also been shown to be good to combat nits. The nits find it difficult to lay their eggs in the hair shaft due to the olive oil.

Can I use sabun for shaving?

Yes, sabun is ideal to use for shaving and leaves the skin feeling moisturised.

sabun helps with eczema and sensitive skin

Sabun is recommended for those with sensitive skin and for eczema and psoriasis. It is perfect for babies.