Sabun Ghar - An Ancient Tradition

Sabun Olive and Laurel oil soap is a natural soap which has been produced for centuries in the Middle East and is still used in the Hammams (traditional bathhouses) today.

In fact Sabun Olive and Laurel soap from Syria is believed to be the first Olive oil soap which was later introduced to Europe through the trade routes. In French it is known as Savon D'Alep and in Syria as Sabun Ghar.

Sabun Olive and laurel oil soap has endured centuries without change to its ingredients and is still produced by traditional methods.

The soap is only produced once per year in the olive season - It is cooked for 3 days and then allowed to set and then cut and stacked and left for 9 months to dry until it is ready to use. This produces a very hard soap which lasts a long time.

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